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Committee: Nomination Committee
Defined by: See Article 6 of Bylaws
Chair: Yolanda V. Torres, President
Description: The Nominating Committee shall meet prior to the Board of Directors meeting in October and nominate a slate for President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Chief Financial Officer and new directors. Members may nominate themselves or other members for any of the above-referenced positions, except for the position of President, by notifying the Nominating Committee in writing of any such nominations prior to the last Board of Directors meeting in October. It is the duty of the Nominating Committee to interview each of the candidates thus selected prior to placing their names on the ballot to secure their permission for such action. Each candidate should be made fully aware of duties involved and term of office for which the member is being nominated. It is the duty of the Nominating Committee to file the list of nominees with the Secretary no later than the November Board meeting. It shall also be their duty to supervise the preparation of the ballot which shall contain clear instructions for voting.

Committee: Tellers Committee
Defined by: See Article 6 of Bylaws Section 6.4
Chair: Yolanda V. Torres, President
Description: The Tellers Committee, appointed by the President, consists of the Nominating Committee chairperson and no more than two (2) other members. The sole responsibility of the Tellers Committee is counting the election ballots.

Committee: Finance Committee
Defined by: Article 9 of Bylaws Section 9.7
Chair: Jeannette Garcia, CFO
Description: The Finance Committee is responsible for preparing the annual budget for approval by the Board and ratification by the membership. The Finance Committee may from time to time submit supplements to the budget for the current fiscal year if deemed necessary.

Committee: Program Committee
Defined by: Article 9 of Bylaws Section 9.5
Chair: Sasha Tymkowicz
Members: Yolanda V. Torres, Chariese Solorio, Ashley Vaccaro 
Description: The Program Committee shall be responsible for arranging all programs for the pleasure and education of the membership with the approval of the Board. This includes the mentorship program, MCLE, AVID, Mixers/Socials, Judges BBQ, Christmas Party, Community Outreach, pro bono programs.

Committee: Membership Committee
Defined by: Article 9 of Bylaws Section 9.6
Chair: Bettina Yanez (President-Elect)
Members: Christopher Ayala & Leo Preciado
Description: The Membership Committee is responsible for processing all new memberships, having all required documentation prepared before presenting potential members to the Board for approval and administering procedures of involuntary termination of membership as set forth by Section 4.4 of Article IV of the Bylaws.

Committee: Dinner Committee
Defined by: Board
Chair: Yolanda V. Torres
Description: The Dinner Committee is responsible for planning the annual Installation Dinner and Scholarship Fundraisers. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to save the date cards and invitations; sponsorships; awardee nominations; program design and production; menu; hotel logistics; advertisements; silent auction, etc.

Committee: Scholarship Committee
Defined by: Board
Chair: Bettina Yanez (President-Elect)
Members: Oscar Figueroa, Karla Bustamante, Sasha Tymkowicz and Yolanda V. Torres
Description: The Scholarship Committee is responsible for recommending scholarship criteria and number of scholarships, disseminating scholarship application materials, communicating with HEEF and the Orange County Community Foundation regarding investments and accounts; collection and review of applications and recommendation of Scholarship awards.

Committee: Communications Committee
Defined by: Board
Co-Chairs: Yolanda V. Torres & Karla R. Bustamante
Members: Sasha Tymkowicz, Beverly Moranda
Description: The Communications Committee is responsible for maintenance of the web site, press release information, e-mail blasts, HBA Journal Newsletter publication, and publicity.

Committee: Social Issues Committee
Defined by: Board
Chair: Beverly Moranda
Members: Karla Bustamante, Michael Mooney, Christopher Ayala, Leo Preciado, Sabrina Rivera, Christian Pereira (HBA Member) and Karla Bustamante

Committee: Judicial Evaluations Committee
Defined by: Board
Beverly Moranda
Members: Yolanda V. Torres, Bettina Yanez, Beverly Moranda, Michael Mooney, Darrell White, Christian Pereira (HBA Member), Christopher Ayala, Oscar Figueroa, & Karla Bustamante
Description: The Judicial Evaluation Committee ("JEC") is a committee of the Hispanic Bar Association of Orange County ("HBA") that conducts evaluations of candidates for judicial offices and sitting judges seeking retention within Orange County, and elsewhere. The JEC evaluates and considers applicants for the judiciary that reflect the diversity of the State of California. The Committee accomplishes this mission by: (1) encouraging Latino and Latina attorneys to seek appointments to the bench, (2) evaluating the qualifications and judicial temperament of candidates seeking the HBA's endorsement, and (3) advocating on behalf of the those candidates HBA has endorsed. The HBA believes that the quality of the administration of justice in our courts is determined in large part by the quality of our judges.

Committee: Trip Committee
Defined by:
Chair: Yolanda V. Torres, President
Members: Bettina Yanez and Beverly Moranda

Committee: Mentoring Committee
Defined by: Board
Chairs: Sasha Tymkowicz, Christopher Ayala
Members: Christian Pereira (HBA Member), Yolanda V. Torres
Description: The mentoring committee will create, implement, and monitor a comprehensive mentorship program involving Hispanic Bar Association of Orange County (HBA) member attorney mentors and high school, college, and law school protégés. The mentorship committee will explore opportunities for collaboration with nonprofit organizations and local schools to promote the mentorship program and to compile a pool of protégé applicants. The mentoring committee will interface with representatives from possible nonprofit partners as well as leaders of Latino student organizations. The mentoring committee will also collaborate with the HBA membership and program committees to reach out to potential protégés and to put on events that foster mentoring relationships.

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